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Design Your Buffet Dinner
Whether planning a reception or a banquet, you are planning an event that will be remembered for
a lifetime. Creating perfect events has been a tradition at Tony's Catering for more than 30
years. Your special day will become a memorable reality when you combine your original ideas
with our expertise.
Our menus are designed to please a wide range of taste's and budgets. The variety of foods listed
in the "Design your own Buffet" menu, is a list of our most popular items, and we welcome special
requests to satisfy your  individual desires.
Tony's Catering has built a fine reputation on it's high quality of food, customer service and
reasonable prices. We offer many optional services with our buffets, such as "Semi-Buffet" style,
that includes our fine staff placing your salad and dinner rolls on the guest tables with ice water
prior to dinner, and removing their dinnerware afterwards. Other services offered include china,
family style.  Wedding  Cakes, cake cutting and serving, linen table clothes and napkins.
Tony's Catering & Deli
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Tony’s Catering
“Design Your Own Dinner Menu”
{Your Main Dish Entreé Choices}

Roasted Chicken (on the bone)
Assorted pieces of fresh baked chicken, barbecue or  Italian herb seasoning

Boneless Chicken Breast w Bread Stuffing
Covered with a light chicken gravy

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
Baked and Lightly Seasoned

Breaded Fried Chicken
Breasts-Legs & Thighs

Breaded Boneless Baked Chicken Breast
Dipped in buttermilk & lightly breaded
Can be used for chicken parmesan

Oven Roasted Turkey
Baked turkey breast sliced and served with home style gravy

Roasted Boneless Pork Loin
Slow Roasted pork loin, sliced and served with home style gravy

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Amish Baked Ham
Sliced Baked Boneless ham

Cabbage Rolls
Made w beef & rice rolled in green cabbage, baked in light tomato

Roast Beef
Sliced top round of beef, slow roasted in juice

Filet Mignon
Center cut petite beef filet wrapped in bacon

Delmonico Steak
Charbroiled 8 oz strip steak

Prime Rib
Slow roasted king cut boneless prime rib served with au-jus and
horseradish sauce

Baked Boston Cod
Lightly coated with a bread topping

Italian Meatballs
Our very own homemade, baked in sauce

Italian Sausage & Peppers
Fresh made mild Italian sausage with red & green pepper strips in a
light sauce

Buffets include your choice of accompaniments

Baked Potato
Large baked potato served with butter & sour cream

Red Skin Potato’s
Quartered red skin potato’s baked with seasoning

Au-Gratin Potato’s
Baked thinly sliced potato’s in a creamy cheese sauce

Scalloped Potato’s
Baked thinly sliced potato’s in a white cream sauce

Twice Baked Potato’s
Crispy potato skins filled with mashed potato’s topped with grated cheese

Texas Cheese Hash-Brown Potato’s
Baked shredded potato’s mixed wit cream sauce, sour cream, and cheddar
cheese, topped w crumbs

Irish White Potato’s
Small whole white potato’s baked until tender topped with parsley butter &

Rice Pilaf
Short grain rice and onion, browned in oil, cooked in stock

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Penne rigata cut on the angle pasta served in our homemade red

Your choice of either cheese or meat filled

Small gnocchi noodle (bullets) in our red sauce

Angel hair pasta cooked adante covered with our red sauce or
fried garlic and oil, topped with romano cheese

Stuffed Shells
Jumbo sea shells stuffed with ricotta cheese topped with our red

Large “sewer pipes’ noodles filled with ricotta cheese topped with
our red sauce

Your choice of traditional meat with cheese and a red sauce or
vegetarian with a white sauce

Pasta Alfredo
Penne pasta smothered in our cheesy white sauce

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Vegetable Choices

Green Beans with Carrots
Fresh Green beans complimented with baby whole carrots, lightly coated with butter

Green Bean Almondine
Fresh Green beans seasoned with onion and topped with slivered onions and butter

Sweet Corn
Tender sweet whole kernel corn lightly buttered

California Blend Vegetables
           A vibrant blend of broccoli, cauliflower, and sliced carrots steamed to perfection lightly covered in butter or a
cheese sauce

Prince Edward Vegetables
Colorful blend of whole green beans, yellow wax beans and baby carrots lightly buttered

All dinners come with an assorted fresh green salad, complimented with sliced black
olives, croutons, red cabbage, shredded carrots, cucumbers and tomato’s, served with
Italian and Ranch dressing. Fresh baked dinner rolls & butter, coffee cream & sugar.

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